a road map

58 x 90 cm
mixed material, newspaper, pictures, ink, and acrylic

The map of Europe has become a travel guide for Asylum Seekers.

The vocabulary that defines one also controls one. Whether I am a traveler, a tourist, a migrant, or a refugee, that is defined by the map of places I am allowed or unallowed to go. My passport is the only document that confirms my identity. Those who don’t have a passport are condemned to be unknown and lost. I carry with me the places of joy and those of sadness that I have lived in or passed through. Thus, traveling has ceased to be a getaway, a vacation on a beach, but an ironic reminder of my state of homelessness.
I come from the Mediterranean, and it is where I had my vacations as a child, but it is also the sea I had to ferry across to flee home.
The pictures and terms are mixed and crowded in my head. I can fish some out but I can’t define one without the other.